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Learn in a few minutes what took these thought leaders decades to learn
It takes many years to become a great Scrum Master. 

In this audiobook you listen to very experienced Agile practitioners, Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches. You will learn quickly what took many years, and mistakes to realize for some of the most experienced Agile practitioners in the world. 

In the first version of the audiobook, we interview: 
Mike Cohn, Yves Hanoulle, Aino Corry, Allison Pollard, Michael Sahota, Naresh Jain and the host of the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast, Vasco Duarte. 

Later versions of the book (Buy now and get all future versions of the audiobook for free), will include many more interviews!

Version 3 includes 22 interviews, and version 4 is in the works!
Learning to be a great Scrum Master isn’t just about the books
It’s easy to fall for the temptation of gathering more and more knowledge. And that’s incredible beneficial… when coupled with experience.

In each of the interviews that make up this audiobook, we ask the guests how they come to value the TIP and insights they share with you. We also ask deeper questions, questions you’d probably ask from them yourself if you had the chance. 

This book gives you the chance to peak into these amazing Agilists' brains, and learn so much in only a few minutes. 

Although books are necessary and beneficial for anyone wanting to learn, it is the stories behind the knowledge that make the lessons both memorable, and relatable. 

In each interview, you will feel like you were there, going through the same experiences as each of the guests. These will become stories you share with your peers and your teams.
“I can’t learn Scrum Master from an audiobook”
That’s true. 

No one can teach you what it means to be a Scrum Master, you must learn through your own experience. 

But from this audiobook, you get to learn about some incredible stories other Scrum Masters have experienced. 

You will in, in a few minutes, go through the story and receive the insights that these world-class Agilists have taken years to collect and learn. 

It’s not the same as learning on your own, but it will give you the stories to tell, the insights to use and a head-start for your career. 

It’s like jumping to the head of the queue at the ball game. 

These stories are like the VIP lane to Scrum Master experience. 

Apply these insights and you will become instantly a better Scrum Master. Don’t forget though: you must apply these insights yourself!
“I’ve heard all of these people before, what do I have to learn?”
Just like you, everyone of us learns continuously. 

Each of these interviews presents a unique perspective to the guest’s own experience over the years. 

The conversations in this audiobook are like a public reflection over some of the most important learning moments for each of the guests, which helps you get an insight to what matters for them. 

The values, the principles, the things that don’t get shared in public talks. 

This audiobook is your unique opportunity to get into the brains of the some of the most important influencers in the Agile community.
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Learning is fun but can be painful

by Aino Corry
Aino is a consultant and agile coach, and has Ph.d in computer science from the last century focused on design patterns and language constructs in programming languages.

Becoming Better through the Community

by Allison Pollard
Allison Pollard helps people discover their agile instincts and develop their coaching abilities.

Ask for permission

by Michael Sahota
Michael trains and consults with leaders worldwide.  He enables the the mindset shift needed to create a cultural environment where Agile can thrive to create high performance.

The scrum police are coming for you (or are they?)

by Mike Cohn
Mike trains, coaches and writes about agile software development.

You will never arrive at THE destination

by Naresh Jain
Naresh is a Developer | Consultant | Conference Producer | Startup Founder | Day Dreamer

Study the Agile Manifesto

by Yves Hanoulle
Yves is all about collaboration. His goal is to inspire people to create more collaborators. 

Two simple heuristics that will solve (most of) the problems you face 

by Vasco Duarte
Vasco is the host of the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast

Silent Dotvoting

by Bart Vermiljen
Bart is the co-founder of Box of Birds, a Strategic Digital Design Studio based in Antwerp (Belgium)

Why and how to claim wins for personal and team power

by Christopher Avery
Christopher is the CEO & founder of The Responsibility Company and author of The Responsibility Process

Create a high-bandwidth work environment

by Lisette Sutherland
Lisette is the person behind Collaboration Superpowers, and a specialist in remote work

Retrospectives are the most valuable agile practice

by Lisa Crispin
Lisa is the co-founder of Agile Testing Fellowship. Hands-on tester on high-performing agile teams since 2000, and also the co-author of several books with Janet Gregory 

Support the interactions between individuals

by Emily Webber
Emily is a London-based independent Agile and digital delivery consultant, coach, trainer and speaker.

The Evolutionary Path From Authority To Agility

by Linda Rising
Linda is an Independent Consultant 

Version 3 out now! Including: 

Eliminate comparison and encourage progress

by Hina Popal
Hina is a CSM and Agile practitioner at Red Hat

Know the Work

by Johanna Rothman
Johanna is an Author, Consultant, Speaker

Visualize More!

by Jimmy Janlén
Jimmy is an Agile Coach at KRY and a trainer

How To Reduce Groupthink In Remote Meetings

by Judy Rees
Judy is a trainer, consultant and author on the topic of Remote Collaboration

Ownership in Agile: Purpose and Collaboration

by Oana Juncu
Johanna is an Author, Consultant, Speaker

Enable Growth

by Rashina Hoda
Rashina is an Agile researcher and Associate Professor at Monash University

Become A Continuous Learner And Model That…

by Diana Larsen
Diana is an Agile pioneer and a consultant and trainer at AgileFluency.org

Technical Debt And Product Success

by Roman Pichler
Roman is an author and trainer, specializing in Agile Product Managment

You Are An Informal Leader – Which Leadership Skills Do You Need?

by Mina Nakicenovic
Mina is a CTO and a  regular speaker at Agile events
The Audiobook + 1h coaching session with Yves Hanoulle or Vasco Duarte
Get the Audiobook right now, and have a 1h coaching call with Yves or Vasco. 

This is a unique opportunity to talk with the host of the most popular Scrum podcast: the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast.
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  • 13 audio interviews (v3 will include 22 interviews)
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  • Introduction to the book by Yves Hanoulle and Vasco Duarte
  • The eBook with the 80+ tips from world-class Scrum Masters (recommended price USD 19.99)
1h coaching with the authors
A unique opportunity to learn from Yves or Vasco
  • 13 audio interviews
  • The price will climb higher later. Buy now and get all future versions of the book.
  • Introduction to the book by Yves Hanoulle or Vasco Duarte (*)
  • The eBook with the 80+ tips from world-class Scrum Masters (recommended price USD 19.99)
  • 1h exclusive coaching session with Yves Hanoulle or Vasco Duarte (usually 499 USD)
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