The Bungsu Story
How To Use Lean & Kanban To Quickly Boost Results For Any Business, Beyond The I.T. Department…
The Unlikely Story Of How Lean And Kanban Quickly Saved A Failing Hospital In Indonesia

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"This is a story about how a hospital that had a collapsed roof, no patients, no valid permit, no money and no leadership strategy became a profitable certified hospital, with full service, lots of patients and using a hypothesis driven management approach. In just 1,5 year. 

The driver behind this remarkable journey was the Kanban principles and practices. And I was lucky enough to be part of this transformation, together with some amazing people in my team and at the hospital"
What You Will Discover In This Book:

How To Inspire Collaboration And Creativity 

You will see how we encouraged everyone to share their ideas. This enabled us to use Kanban as the engine that assisted us to collaborate more effectively and inspire creativity within the teams.

How To Define The Deliverables

You will discover how we used iterative methods and measured the results as we went, in order to ensure that the end result was a success.

How To Use Reports

You will see how we ensured that we were continuing to improve through the project using visuals. When the team could see the data, it was easier to spot bottlenecks and remove them.

Incremental Changes Leading To Success

You will discover how we reduced the risk of failure by making continuous small incremental changes to the hospital, and how we made them stick.
About the Author
My name is Marcus Hammarberg and I am an Agile coach, author, .NET/NodeJs Developer, husband and father of three wonderful children. 

My experience as a software development team leader forced me to look into finding ways to make my teams more effective.

I lived in Indonesia for three years (2014-2016) working for the Salvation Army there. My wife and I were working with 6 hospitals, helping them to become more effective in their efficiency and their ability to care for their patients so they could save more lives. 

The Bungsu Story details the real life events of how we saved a failing hospital that was on the brink of shutting its doors forever, using Agile and Kanban methodologies. 

You will receive the first chapter of the book when you subscribe. Your privacy is 100% protected.

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