The Ski Tertulia 
The Ski Tertulia,
Explore groundbreaking problems
Find breakthrough experiments
The High-Intensity-Interval training for the mind 
With Jacopo Romei and Vasco Duarte

Digital Native
Does your company depend on software development? 
Business Centric
Having trouble with software delivery reliability, and on time record?
Impactful Growth
Having trouble aligning your projects with business needs?
Experience The Ski Tertulia
The Ski Tertulia with Jacopo and Vasco is a relaxed 2-day event. 
Just you and us. 
We talk about all the topics we may find interesting and help you with your business. 
Talk Strategy, Talk Life, Talk Business
In these 2 days, we can tackle any topic you need to address. From business strategies to detailed software development strategies, to every day problems you are facing.

Jacopo and Vasco both own businesses, and both consult companies like yours. If you have a challenge, chances are that Jacopo and Vasco have tackled a similar challenge and can help you.

Learn about the obstacles they've faced and overcame to get to where they are today.
The Program
Day 0
Meeting in Torino and drive to the mountains, dinner in the mountains.
Day 1
The tertulia: ski and chat. We take advantage of the reflection and conversation moments (chair lifts) as well as the full-focus moments (skiing downhill) to explore any topic and find inspiration for novel, and possibly breakthrough experiments. This combination of full-on and, relax (borrowed from high-intensity - mental - training) pushes us to be more creative and consider many different solutions.
Dinner in the mountains.
Day 2 
The tertulia continued: Ski and chat.
Dinner in Torino with the local Agile Community. Sharing experiences and learning from each other. 
Day 3
Drive to the airport and time to put all those ideas into practice!

Is This For Me?

  • Need Inspiration: If you are considering participating in this Ski Tertulia, you probably are struggling with a challenge or an ambitious goal in your business that requires new thinking.
  • The usual thinking isn't enough: In the Ski Tertulia we practice thinking outside the ski-lift, if you know what we mean ;)
  • Learn from our decades of experience: We have consulted many different companies, and have been using this Ski Tertulia to learn from each other as well as push some ideas forward that lead to novel approaches, or books, or even podcasts. We look at Ski Tertulia as a place for exploration and inspiration.

What This Is Not?

This is not a consulting session. This is an exploration session. 

We will talk about many things that are relevant to the challenge you have but won’t give you a plan or a solution. We will talk about many possible approaches to solve your challenge and will present cases from other businesses that might inspire you. We will share information that cannot be shared in written or podcast format. It’s a conversation, not a “push” of information towards you. 

For the duration of the Tertulia, we all have the same challenge and we all explore ways to experiment with solutions. 

Do You Have A Bold Goal You Want To Reach? 

We both have built large communities around different topics, from local agile communities to specific interest communities in the programing language, business contracting, project management or scrum master fields. We’ve done that by working with others to achieve a bold goal. 

Jacopo is a singer in an a capella band, and Vasco was part of the team that organized two break-through conference series in the Nordics. 
We understand breakthrough goals and have worked on such goals all of our working lives. We both have started several businesses and grown companies and products. It’s what we do. 

The Ski Tertulia format helps us explore ways to achieve bold and ambitious goals, and we believe it will do the same to you. 

Do you have a bold goal? The Ski Tertulia can be the catalyst you need to make great progress towards that goal.

How Do I Participate?

Sign-up below. Here’s the overview: 

  • Fee: There’s a fee to participate. This fee pays for the ski and hotel and grants you access to products that Jacopo and Vasco are producing. 
  • Two Contertulios Welcome: This fee will be determined by the interest. The starting fee is 2500 Eur, and you can offer any amount you want above that. Whoever offers the highest value will be invited to the Ski tertulia. We have space for 2 fellow contertulios.

What The Heck Is A Tertulia?

We are south Europeans, who grew in a culture where collaboration emerges through conversation and discovery. 

There were many Tertulias that helped Europe evolve and change over time to what we see today. 

The Ski Tertulia puts together some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe (the Alps) with the need to be sharp and focused (downhill skiing) and the quest for continuous improvement that drove us both to learn about, embrace and develop what many call “Agile” today. 

From a Tertulia in the old days, the pioneers emerged with ideas that they later developed on their own. 

We plan to do the same.

PS: A "Contertulio" is a person that participates in a Tertulia (no need to be offended ;)
Search the shared consciousness and generate novel ideas, while enjoying the inspiring scenario of the Alps

Problem Solving

We explore together problems we've faced, and extract lessons that will inspire us in the future

Out of the Box Thinking

The different backgrounds we all have will generate the fuel you need, together with the High Intensity Interval Reflection approach we will generate breakthrough experiments

Geographic Inspiration

The Alps have been a place of inspiration for many. Take advantage of this geographic marvel.
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