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Video 1: Product Owner anti-patterns and how to help them get out of those negative patterns
Is your team struggling to deliver enough value?
Sometimes we need to help the Product Owner to be able to help the team deliver value. In this module we cover
  • What are common failure patterns for the Product Owner Role?
  •  What are the key stages in the Product Owner role?
  •  How can we help the Product Owner be crystal clear on the priorities?
  •  How can we help the team and Product Owner collaborate on the business goals? 
  •  How can we support the Product Owner to ensure the team can successfully deliver valuable software?
Course Duration: 26 min
Check the second video of this course below!
Product Owner vs Product Manager, the break-down and how to coach a transitioning Product Manager
Is the Product Owner overwhelmed or absent?
Product Owners often transition from Product Manager roles. But these roles are very different. How can we help them transition?
  •  Help create a great collaboration between the team and the Product Owner
  •  Help the team be more autonomous, so the Product Owner can succeed at her Product Management tasks
  •  An easy to use template to help you develop a coaching agreement with the Product Owner so that you can help her be awesome!
Course Duration: 18 min
Check the third video of this course below!
Metrics that matter for Product Owners, ACTIONABLE metrics vs. Vanity Metrics!
Are you struggling to define and measure success for your product?
Product development is about delivering value to our customers, but for that to happen we need to validate our understanding of the problem and how to market the product. We need metrics that matter for success: ACTIONABLE Metrics!
  •  Help the Product Owner define crystal clear metrics, and avoid  doing too many things and burning out the team
  •  The critical difference between Vanity metrics, and ACTIONABLE metrics
  •  How to assess causality in product development, so we can impact the success of the product
  •  An easy to use template to define ACTIONABLE metrics
Course Duration: 13 min
A lot more is in store in the FULL version of this course
What will you find in the full course?
  •  All the free videos included, you can go back and watch again (NOTE: this free course will expire soon!)
  •  Doing the right things! Understanding and communicating customer needs
  •  How to roadmap so that neither the CEO or the team hate you
  •  A quick and impactful method to prioritize the Backlog : prioritize the backlog in 2 minutes instead of 2 hours!
  •  How to size Backlog items without estimation, in a way that drives collaboration! (My favorite module! With free access to the #NoEstimates book ;)
  •  Defining the perfect Sprint goals
  •  Quickly crafting acceptance criteria
  •  And a lot more surprises to come! Lots of BONUS material will be added to the course.
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