NoEstimates and NoProjects: How Digital First companies are managing their software-native business to reduce risks and focus on value
Zurich, August 21st. Pre-ALE2018 Unconference workshop
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Learn to apply the digital-first tools that help you deliver more value in less time
From breaking down 9 month projects to 30 minutes, to learning to reduce investment risks. In this workshop you will learn how to transform your product development. 
#NoProjects, the digital-native management method
Digital first companies have dropped projects.
Projects make digital companies slow. 
  • Digital first companies have dropped projects. Business is in constant adaptation to the market, and to the customer needs
  • With the ability to continuously deliver to the market, we need a new paradigm for managing investment, reducing BUSINESS risk and focusing on customer value. 
  • NoProjects is the modern agile approach that focuses companies on continuous and market-validated value delivery.
  • In this workshop we explore the why, and give you the tools to apply NoProjects to your organization
Transform team engagement and accountability with NoEstimates
#NoEstimates, Focusing on value, delivering on time
Estimation is innacturate, and leads to incorrect decisions
  • Developers hide behind estimates (just give me 2 weeks).Project managers delay changes because “we are not late yet”.
  • Managers make investment decisions based on estimates that can be 100% or even 200% or more wrong.These are not positive patterns in your organization.
  • NoEstimates removes the excuse of estimates, and helps the organization focus on value delivery first. 
  • This software-native management method also gives you the tools you need to continuously assess progress against business objectives (not cost estimates)
  • Accurately assess your organization's capacity for delivering working software.
  • No matter how much you estimate, what matters is that you limit the work to capacity!
"Limit Work to Capacity"
A key Lean principle that NoEstimates transforms into an action-focused management approach. 
What Is #NoEstimates And Why Should I Care?
If you are a project manager--or work in a related field in the software industry -you know how important project deadlines are.
Between a client relationship that lasts, and one that ends on bad terms...
Between a dominant market position and a weak one...

But despite all the time we spend learning about agile development processes, we still find ourselves missing deadlines or going past estimates.

You can be an absolute MASTER at agile development... A certified SCRUM champion... But still, too often, you find your projects going past-deadline or over-budget.
What You Will Learn In The #NoProjects and #NoEstimates Workshop
  • How To Predict Project Completion Schedules With 90% Accuracy
  • Project completion schedules are the bane of the technology industry. But they don't have to be. Armed with #NoEstimates principles, you will be able to effectively predict the completion schedule of any projects, knowing ahead of time when your project will be ready for deployment.
  • How To Manage For Value Creation, Not Work Maximization
  • Often we meet organizations that focus on work maximization. They are under the mistaken impression that the more they work, the more they will succeed. However, in the software 5 minutes of coding can be enough to destroy years of brand building. We'll share stories of companies that outsourced their way to bankruptcy thanks to the mistaken focus on work, instead of value. And we will discuss how to avoid that from happening to you.
  • How to Set And Meet Project Deadlines Every Single Time
  • You will experience the Value Slicing exercise, where you will learn to reduce the scope of any project to deliver the needed value in a very limited time-frame: you will take home the exercise that helps teams practice slicing a 9 month project into 30 minute value increments!
  • How To Deliver MORE Value To Your Company Or Clients In Less Time
  • How to manage investment in your company without projects, but rather focusing on continuous value delivery, without projects, but with concrete market deliverables.
  • How to Help Your Colleagues Learn About And Apply NoProjects And NoEstimates
  • How to explain and prove to your colleagues that estimates and projects are an obstacle to REAL BUSINESS AGILITY. And tools that will help you assess and follow-up progress without estimation.
  • And Much, Much More
  • I've gone the mile to pack the maximum possible information into #NoEstimates. Each page contains nuggets of project management wisdom that you won't find anywhere else.
Here's What People Are Saying About #NoEstimates

Tapio Järvenpää, Beer Executive Officer, Hops United OÜ

“Finally! The most meaningful text book about project management and governance! This piece of project fiction will become the real “don’t panic” guide to project management!” 

Henrik Berglund, Agile Organizational Coach, Cedur AB

“Trying to be more predictable by working with estimates is a seductively simple idea. After decades of widespread use of this idea, actual results are now very clear. Estimation has instead caused reduced predictability, lowered quality and unhappy customers. Read this book to start exploring some more successful strategies!” 

Emiliano Sutil, PRoject Manager at Xeridia S.L.

"Anyone interested in deliver their projects on time should read this book. It´ll make you forget the idea that you can predict the future with a crystal ball . Instead of that you´ll learn to use your data and be more effective. Take of red pill!"

Andy Deighton, Scrum Master, Bright Interactive

"The debate surrounding the need, or not, to provide detailed estimates to clients is one that courts contention, argument and confusion. Undoubtedly these emotions will continue to prevail, but Vasco Duarte clearly and concisely reveals the virtues of an alternative approach to estimation."

Bruce Scharlau, Senior Teaching Fellow, University of Aberdeen

“You’re doing it wrong. Estimates that is, and #NoEstimates tells you why. Most importantly, however, the book tells you what you should be doing instead. The compelling mix of theory with story means you’ll quickly learn the lessons and start benefiting from the book. Read, think and apply #NoEstimates today." 

Enric Jaen, Senior Programmer, SM2 Tecnologías de la Información

"This is a must read book to software managers. It is call to responsability to managers to not estimate but give actual data to clients. Following the #noestimates principle will make the life of people around software industry happier." 
Zurich, August 21st. Pre-ALE2018 Unconference workshop
Join the workshop, and learn about the new methods in Agile space
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  • Continuous Digital, the NoProjects book in digital format
  • #NoEstimates book in digital format
  • #NoEstimates video interviews, nearly 9 hours of video interviews about #NoEstimates
  • Mini e-book: Ultimate Guide to Capacity Planning
  • Mini e-book: A Guide to Agile Contracts
  • 2 video interviews with CEO’s that use #NoEstimates in their own companies!
  • One full day with other #NoEstimates and #NoProjects enthusiasts 
Who is putting this on?

Allan Kelly

Hi, I’m Allan Kelly, and I’ve helped companies large and small enhance their agility and boost their digital offering. Here are some of my clients: Virgin Atlantic, Qualcomm, The Bank of England and Reed Elsevier. I’ve also developed the Value Poker, Time-Value Profiles and Retrospective Dialogue Sheets.I’ve been busy writing books also! My books: "Dear Customer, the truth about IT", "Project Myopia", "Continuous Digital", "Xanpan" and  "Business Patterns for Software Developers".You can reach out to me via twitter: @allankellynet

Testimonials from previous students: 
- “Allan’s knowledge and passion for all things Agile is infectious”
- “He is one of the best trainers I have had. His ability to take concrete examples happening during the course to teach some concepts is excellent”
- "Allan is a fantastic course tutor - his course content is made richer by all the discussion, interaction, group exercises, and relevant real-life experiences.”
- "Directly after the course, we have started using the techniques we have learned, in our project. Allan gave a great training with a balance between theory and practice.”

Vasco Duarte

Hey, I’m Vasco Duarte. I’ve been working in the software industry since 1998, and have learned the hard way what works (most of the time) and what does not work (almost never).

My goal is to help our industry evolve. We can’t become better without trying out new and innovative approaches to software development. The majority of our businesses runs on software. We owe it to our society to get better at an activity that affects so much our lives and our countries’ economies.

I consult companies that understand software is a key component of their business model. You can find me and get in touch via twitter: @duarte_vasco; or on my company’s web-site:

Testimonials from previous students
- "I got more than enough from the morning session to be worth the whole price of the workshop!"
- "Very well facilitated workshop. Great and eye-opening discussions!"
- "I appreciated the very practical, solution-oriented workshop!"
- "I loved the opportunity to add our own questions to the workshop agenda!"

Zurich, August 21st. Pre-ALE2018 Unconference workshop
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