#NoEstimates Workshop
Tallinn, September 15th, 2020
Location: TBD, Tallinn
Here's what you will get (BONUSES!)
  • Product Owner e-course: Because working with Product Owners is the fastest way to implement #NoEstimates, you get 18 modules filled with tools that will help you and your Product Owner implement #NoEstimates! (VALUE: $127!!)
  •  1-on-1 Call with Vasco: A 1 hour call with Vasco to help you implement the tools and practices from the workshop when you are back at work, facing the real issues (VALUE: $179!!)
  •  FULL #NoEstimates Digital Library: The book, the companion mini books on Contracts and Capacity Planning, AND the nearly 8h of video intervies with #NoEstimates pioneers and practitioners to inspire you and help you implement #NoEstimates. (VALUE: $99!!)
  •  All workshop material: The full material for the workshop, including modules that we don't cover in the workshop! 
  •  Half-price offer: If you want to come back and attend the workshop again (I'm always updating the content), you get the seat at half-price from whatever the list price is! (VALUE >$200!!!)
  •  A VALUE $605 or €530!!!!
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Andy Deighton, Scrum Master, Bright Interactive

"The debate surrounding the need, or not, to provide detailed estimates to clients is one that courts contention, argument and confusion. Undoubtedly these emotions will continue to prevail, but Vasco Duarte clearly and concisely reveals the virtues of an alternative approach to estimation."

(Feedback on the #NoEstimates book)

Henrik Berglund, Agile Organizational Coach, Cedur AB

“Trying to be more predictable by working with estimates is a seductively simple idea. After decades of widespread use of this idea, actual results are now very clear. Estimation has instead caused reduced predictability, lowered quality and unhappy customers. Read this book to start exploring some more successful strategies!” 

(Feedback on the #NoEstimates book)
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    Invoiced to you or your company, no credit card required
    NOTE: only paying the invoice guarantees your spot!
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