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Self-organization Masterclass with Karin Tenelius

Are you having a hard time getting your team motivated? 

What if we told that you can? Even without focusing on it!

Don't believe me? You are in for a surprise then... Read on...

What do you mean? Of course we need to motivate people!

One of the main reasons Agile fails or doesn't achieve the desired effects is because we are trying to 'install' it like an app on top of an outdated operating system

The operating system on which we are trying to install it is the underlying management and leadership paradigm and mindset that we are blind to. That you(!) are blind to!

👉 In this masterclass we explore a different leadership mindset, and give you tools and exercises that will help you adopt this new “operating system”, and overcome the need to motivate (old leadership paradigm) by replacing it with a new approach: Self-Organization as it was meant to be!

What’s wrong with my leadership mindset? Why do I need to change it? 

As Karin describes in the podcast below, even managers/leaders with the coaching mindset get caught up in a parent-child style of leadership. Even the people with the best intentions do that! 

In this masterclass you will discover how you can develop a leadership mindset and way of being that is much more conducive to Agile ways of working

You will also get hands-on tips on what you can do differently that you can put into effect straight away.

BONUS Podcast 
Karin Tenelius: Self-management in practice for Scrum teams and entire organizations

The podcast will be added here soon... Publishing date: November 7th

Ok, but how about motivation? Don’t we need to focus on it? 

Absolutely! But not in the way we normally think of motivation. 

In Karin's book, we find many stories of teams that were de-motivated, and were already resigned to the status quo. And Karin walks us through the process she teaches and it helped those organization recover from dire situations (including near-bankruptcy!). 

And, at the same time, building the team’s ability to self-organise, take ownership, and conquer the lack of motivation problem!

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