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NOW AVAILABLE: The Complexity Of Agile Coaching

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All 20+ Agile Online Meetup videos

  • ​Evelyn Tian: The Complexity Of Agile Coaching
  • Faye Thompson, Greg Mester, Dustin Thostenson, Helen Garcia: Ask me anything with the Agile Online Summit 2022 hosts
  • ​Staffan Nöteberg & Vasco Duarte: Sprint Goals - why the matter, and how to define them!
  • Sabine Canditt: Learn what helps you create a purposeful, joyful, and ultimately a sustainable working life!
  • Jason Little: Lean Change Management
  • Heidi Helfand: Dynamic Reteaming, helping our teams grow!
  • Scott Seivwright: The Power of Communities
  • ​Isaac Garcia: Mastering The Art Of Agile Retrospectives
  • Sarika Kharbanda: Hacking change management: how Agile can help us overcome change resistance!
  • Claire McDonald: The Future of Work, and what it means for Agile Coaches
  • Pete Oliver-Krueger and Michael Dougherty!: Shift From Product To People
  • Lynn Cazaly: The Process For Dealing With Cognitive Overload
  • Jim Benson: Five Lenses to Create A More Humane Perspective on Agile and Lean
  • Kent McDonald: The 5 Characteristics of Effective Product Ownership​
  • Jeffrey Fredrick and Douglas Squirrel: Agile Conversations and the Power of Disagreement
  • Faye Thompson and Emilia Breton: Leading in Diversity With Women in Agile
  • ​Neil Killick: Working with customer-centric practices
  • ​​Geoff Watts: What is an Online Servant Leader?
  • Bob Galen: Enganging Agile Leadership
  • Gunther Verheyen: Engagement as the productivity booster for your team
  • Cheryl Hammond: Metrics for business success, not just pretty dashboards
  • Jesse Fewell: #AGILEFAIL- Why Agile transformations implode!
  • Esther Derby: 7 Rules for Positive, Productive Change: Micro Shifts, Macro Results
  • David Marquet: Leadership Masterclass - Team Language Co-efficient
  • ​Joshua Kerievsky: Are you Quick? The most important question for Agile teams
  • ​J​ohanna Rothman: 8 Principles for Agile Distributed teams
  • ​Jason Little: 5 Story Telling Tips for Change Management ​
  • Diana Larsen and James Shore: How Agile Fluency Model™ can help your Agile team (Q&A)
  • Woody Zuill: shares his journey with #MobProgramming and #NoEstimates
  • Helen Beal: DevOps and Agile adoption in the Enterprise, key challenges and approaches to success
  • Marcus Hammarberg: How Agile and Lean saved a Hospital from bankruptcy, twice!
  • ​Jacopo Romei: Extreme contracts, Contracts that enable Agility
  • Doc Norton: Escape Velocity, Better metrics for Agile teams
  • Gil Broza: Agile For Non-Software Teams
  • Geoff Watts and Paul Goddard: Relaxed conversation at the Agile Pubcast

All the books, online conferences, e-courses available under one membership

  • The NoEstimates book: A popular book helping you rethink the use of estimates in software development
  • Agile Online Summit: The premier Agile online event, all 3 years of sessions on video available
  • Coach Your Product Owner: E-Course to help you help the Product Owner and the team succeed
  • The NoEstimates interviews: All the NoEstimates interviews, including Woody Zuill, Neil Killick, and 2 CEO's that use NoEstimates in their own organizations
  • Product Owner Summit: The global conference dedicated to the hardest role in Scrum
  • Scrum Master Summit: The global conference dedicated to making you a world class Scrum Master and Coach!
  • And so much more!!!!

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I have taken Coaching Product Owner course from Vasco Duarte and I have no words to explain how brilliant it is. Highly recommended for any agile practitioner. Thanks Vasco for putting up such a great course.
Varun Maheswari
Agile Coach and Scrum Master
I want to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication and for sharing your knowledge.
To thank you for making the summit possible! I feel like I have read hundreds of books in a matter of minutes!
Alina Thapliyal
Scrum Master

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